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Seminar Series

Upcoming IBIO Seminars for Spring 2024!

January 16: Lauren Fuess, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Texas State University
"Characterizing the interplay between microbial symbioses and immunity in diverse cnidarians"

February 20: Jim Hood, Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, Ohio State University "50 years of ecosystem change in Lake Erie: interactions among climate, phosphorus, and land use practices"

March 19: Pat Sorrano, Michigan State University
Subject: Limnology

April 16: Erica Larson, University of Denver
Subject: Reproductive trait evolution

Contact Nina Wale at walenina@msu.edu for Zoom information.

All seminars will be held in Rooms 203 B&C, Natural Science Building, 3:30 PM.