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M.S. Program Requirements

University & College Requirements

  1. Minimum credit requirement, exclusive of collateral courses and courses used to remedy deficiencies, 30 credits. Courses taken for Credit/No-Credit are not to be included in the minimum credit requirement.

  2. Minimum credit at 800-900 level, 16 credits, except as specifically exempted by the Dean of the College.

  3. Residence requirement, 8 credits on campus.

  4. Time limit, 6 years from the date of admission.

  5. Maximum transfer of credits on approval, 12 term credits or 8-semester credits.

  6. Credit limits:

    1. IBIO 899 (Research), 8 credits.
    2. IBIO 890 (Special Problems), 10 credits.
  7. A grade point average of 3.0 must be maintained. Accumulation of grades below 3.0 in more than three courses disqualifies the student. Disqualification means that the student may be asked by the Dean to withdraw his/her candidacy for a degree in the Department of Integrative Biology.

Departmental Requirements

M.S. Program Plan A

  1. Thesis and Final Oral Examination. A thesis describes the student’s original research and must be written and bound according to rules described in a booklet obtained from the Dean of the Graduate School (110 Linton Hall). The content of the Final Oral Examination is at the discretion of the Guidance Committee, but includes a defense of the thesis.

  2. Although there is no departmental language requirement, a Guidance Committee for a particular graduate student may prescribe a language requirement.

  3. Three credits of scheduled courses at the 800 level or above in biology.

M.S. Program Plan B

  1. Special Problem and at least 3 credits of 890. A Special Problem usually consists of a research project carried out either in a laboratory or the library.

  2. Final Oral Examination - The Final Oral Exam will be formulated and administered by the student’s Guidance Committee. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the members of the committee concerning the content of the Oral Examination.

  3. Three credits of scheduled courses at the 800 level or above in biology.

Program Procedures 

  1. Select the major professor and Guidance Committee before the end of the 2nd semester in residence.

  2. Prepare and submit the Program of Study for approval of the Guidance Committee and the Departmental Graduate Committee. The form to be filed is called “Report of the Guidance Committee-Master’s Program”.

  3. Apply for the diploma at the time of enrollment in the last semester of residence.

  4. If Plan A is adopted, submit copies of the thesis to the Guidance Committee no later than the 7th Friday of the semester in which graduation is anticipated.

  5. Have notice posted of the final oral examination not later than the 8th Friday of the semester and at least 2 weeks before the examination.

  6. Take the final oral examination not later than the 10th Friday of the semester in which graduation is anticipated, and submit form “Report of Completion of Requirements for the Master’s Degree”.

  7. If Plan A is adopted, submit bound copies of the dissertation before the end of the 12th week in the semester.