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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Programs

Our courses cover the entire range of modern biological disciplines concerned with animal diversity. Students obtain a broad education in biology while specializing in a particular area of biology. We offer four undergraduate degrees:

Hands-On Opportunities

Besides grades and coursework, many potential employers look for job candidates that already have skills directly relevant to the career. It is very important to acquire these career-related skills as a student. We encourage students to develop these skills by participating in internships, undergraduate research, education abroad, or take field courses at a biological field station.

It is never too early to look for the opportunities that interest you. Application deadlines for some opportunities can be six to nine months in advance of the start date. Explore our Hands-On Opportunities Database for a curated list of student opportunities. 

Career Preparation

Our majors prepare students for a wide variety of careers. It is important to start exploring your career options early in your academic studies. Pursue a career that emphasizes your strengths, matches your interests, and aligns with your personal values. 


Current students should meet with an integrative biology advisor at least once per year to discuss curriculum related issues including course selection, degree checks, academic success, career preparation, etc. Our advisors post their appointment availability on a week-by-week basis on Fridays. Schedule an advising appointment


Overrides are authorized permission to enroll in a course. Override procedures vary depending on (1) the specific course and (2) the department offering the course. Our advisors do not give overrides for any courses. If you are in need of an override please refer to our override instructions.

Scholarships & Awards

We offer several scholarships to support student research and field study. Additional awards recognize student academic achievement. 

Prospective Students

All applications for admission are filed with and approved by the MSU Admissions Office. You can indicate your major on the application. Visit the MSU Admissions Office for specific admissions requirements for freshman, transfer, and international students.