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Nitrous Oxide (N2O) concentration analysis of gas samples.

Sample Requirements

  • N2O concentration should be between 0.1 to 10 ppm. If the sample has more than 10 ppm N2O, it must be diluted before analysis.
  • We need to inject a minimum of 3 mL into the GC.
  • Samples in serum bottles should be over-pressured by at least 3 mL. If samples are at atmospheric pressure, then add UHP N2 to the bottle before removing 3 mL sample gas for analysis. Concentration data will need to be corrected to account for this dilution.


Samples are analyzed using our Green House Gas Analyzer (Shimadzu).  A gas tight syringe is used to withdraw 3 mL gas sample from the over pressured sample vial and injected into the GC inlet.  Gas standards that cover the sample concentration range are prepared in-house by mixing pure N2O with N2.  Sample N2O concentration is calculated by using regression analyses (concentration vs peak response) of the standard data.