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Integrative Biology to Offer New Semester Long, Faculty-Led Study Abroad: Conservation Medicine in New Zealand

The Department of Integrative Biology and the College of Natural Science are pleased to announce the formation of a new study abroad program in Conservation Medicine (Spring semesters every year)!

The Conservation Medicine in New Zealand program focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to health by considering the relationships between animal health, ecosystem/environmental health, and human health viewed through the lens of culture.  Earn 12 credits and spend 13 weeks in New Zealand exploring the stunning natural environment while learning about the field of conservation medicine through a mix of traditional lectures, cultural activities, field excursions, field research, and laboratory research.  On site in New Zealand you will explore unique ecosystems (including glaciers, volcanic activity, temperate rainforests, alpine habitats, coastlines, marine systems, freshwater, and wetlands), assess and monitor aspects of biodiversity, and the health of humans, animals, and ecosystems. You will learn and develop research skills drawing from the fields of ecology, animal behavior, molecular biology, histopathology, bioinformatics, statistics (and more!).  You will work with experts in the field and local indigenous cultures to obtain a broader perspective and strengthen skills that will aid you in your future career goals- including presenting at a conference while on the program.

Additional information can be found by visiting the Office of Study Abroad webpage for the course or contact Jeanette McGuire at mcguir35@msu.edu with any questions you may have.