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Jenny Boughman Joins Society for the Study of Evolution Executive Board

Jenny Boughman as been elected Vice President of the Society for the Study of Evolution. The Society for the Study of Evolution is the premier international professional society for evolutionary biology. Its mission includes advancing knowledge of evolution through both research and education. It publishes the premier journal in the field Evolution, long regarded as the best in the field, and Evolution Letters, a new high impact journal co-published with the European Society for Evolutionary Biology. The society also is primary host to an annual Evolution meeting that brings together scientists from around the world.

Jenny sincerely admitted, "I'm honored to be elected as Vice President of the Society. My goals as Vice President are to help the society continue to thrive, and to further efforts to enhance diversity to sustain our vibrant field (especially important in the current political climate), and face the funding challenge by educating the public and legislators about the value of evolutionary research. I look forward to working with a truly impressive leadership group as well as members of the society at all levels. I have always been committed to fostering scientific community and being Vice President gives me an amazing opportunity to do that at a larger scale and with more impact than before."