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Katie Licht Becomes an International Newsletter Editor

Recently the IBIO Communications Manager, Katie Licht, was elected to an international board member position at the 2016 Association of Zoo and Aquarium Docents and Volunteers (AZADV) Conference in El Paso, Texas. AZADV “is a growing international not-for-profit association whose purpose is to facilitate communication and the exchange of information between zoo and aquarium docents… to enhance educational presentations and to renew enthusiasm for the invaluable service docents contribute to their individual institutions.” One of the primary modalities for this dissemination of knowledge is through the members-only quarterly newsletter, Symbiosis. Katie has attained responsibility for Symbiosis as the newly elected Newsletter Editor.

Katie elaborated, “For the past several years I have been representing the Potter Park Zoo Docent and Volunteer Association as its delegate at the annual AZADV Conference. During the 2015 AZADV Conference, I happened to network with several executive board members. Come to find out that I was a topic of conversation during their executive board meeting - where they agreed that my time and talents would be a great fit for the 2016 newsletter editor vacancy.” So for the past year, Katie served as a proofreader for Symbiosis and was “groomed for takeover” by Pam Ryan, who had been the AZADV Newsletter Editor since 2012.

Katie has jumped right into her new role. The first Symbiosis edition designed and assembled by Katie will be sent to the printer in early October 2016. Her new ideas for the newsletter have received glowing reviews from both the AZADV executive board and members. “This position happens to be an amalgamation of my passions: zoo science, communicating science to the general public, design, and using Adobe software. I am very excited to share my expertise with the AZADV Organization.” In addition to her newsletter responsibilities, Katie will also serve on the AZADV Website Committee and Social Media Survey Committee.