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Mariah Meek Joins IBIO

We are pleased to announce that Mariah Meek has joined the Department of Integrative Biology as a new faculty member! Meek is a geneticist, fisheries ecologist, and conservation biologist. She is particularly interested in the evolutionary and ecological processes that generate and maintain diversity within and among populations. Meek elaborated, "my research studies these processes in the field and applies them to problems in conservation and management. Work in my lab aims to improve our understanding of the interactions among genetic diversity, population health and persistence, anthropogenic change, and trait variation. I actively collaborate with resource managers and agency biologists to ensure my work directly informs management and conservation decisions."

Meek is delighted to join the Spartan Community. "I've long been inspired by the excellent research coming out of MSU, and I'm thrilled and honored to become a part of the team. I was really impressed by the enthusiasm and creativity of the IBIO students, and am looking forward to working with them and building my lab. I am excited to develop new and productive collaborations with the excellent faculty in IBIO." Welcome Mariah!