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Zoology Majors Win MSUFCU Internship Awards

Six Zoology majors have received the 2017 MSUFCU Internship Awards. These financial awards help support students' unpaid internships.

"" Celina Domagalski

Major: B.S. in Zoology, Concentration in Zoo & Aquarium Science
Class Standing: Senior
Internship Site: Belle Isle Aquarium


Kayleigh Goodrich sitting on a blanket outside holding her catKayleigh Goodrich

Major: B.S. in Zoology, Concentration in Zoo & Aquarium Science; Pre-Vet Track
Class Standing: Junior
Internship Site: Humane Society's Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, CA
My internship position focuses on animal care of exotic wildlife.  I'll be learning about different animals and then working on husbandry and care of said animals alongside the veterinarian and animal care staff.  I will also be conducting my own animal research and presenting a final project to the director at the end of the summer. This internship is the perfect opportunity for me because it will be the first time I will be exposed to wildlife such as wildcats, bobcats, bears, a pigmy hippo, cork snake, rosy boa, and other animals. I'm hoping to pursue a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree in large animal exotic medicine through the University of Washington State and then work at a zoo or mixed animal hospital.

This scholarship is the main reason I was able to accept the position because without it, I would have to have either declined the offer or gotten a second job for the weekends in order to financially support myself, which I think, would take away from the experience because my focus would be split between my work with animals, a second job AND the 2 summer classes I'm taking. I want the internship and my classes to be my primary focus so that on the weekends, I can spend time exploring California!

Amber Leuenberger crouching next to her dog outdoorsAmber Leuenberger

Major: B.S. in Zoology, Concentration in Marine Biology; Minor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies; Minor in Religious Studies
Class Standing: Senior
Internship Site: Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium

I have known since the age of 2 that I want to become a marine biologist. This summer I will be participating in an internship at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida. I will be doing animal rehabilitation with sea turtles and dolphins. I will be working directly with the animals that I love at an organization that I believe strongly in. The funds from this scholarship will take some of the stress of moving to another state and not having a paid job off of me so I can get the most out of my internship.

I am graduating this August after I finish my internship. After graduation, I hope to find a job in marine rehabilitation or conservation. I want to give marine animals the voice they often lack and work to protect them and their environment. 

""Mitchell McBride

Major: B.S. in Zoology, Concentration in Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology
Class Standing: Junior/Rising Senior

Internship Site: Chimps-inc



Portrait of Fallon MoiserFallon Moiser

Major: B.A. in Media & Information; B.A. in Zoology; B.A. in Studio Art, Concentration in Photography
Class Standing: Junior
Internship Site: San Diego Zoo Global Academy

I have always had a passion for wildlife and the arts, and I’m hoping to find a way to profitably combine the two while at the same time helping the environment. Without this scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to accept my internship with the San Diego Zoo Global Academy. I am really hoping to work with zoos in their media presence and to help create ecological awareness. Photographing and filming wildlife is also a goal of mine. This internship will be invaluable in pursuing my desired career field and will really help me get my foot in the door. 

Heather Seaman standing next to turtleHeather Seaman

Major: B.S. in Zoology, Concentration in Zoo & Aquarium Science; B.S. in Environmental Biology-Zoology
Class Standing: Senior
Internship Site: Loggerhead Marinelife Center

The internship will allow me to gain valuable field experience that will help me accomplish my career goals:  (1) to make a difference in the field of biology and (2) educate the public about biology. Once I complete my undergraduate degree, I plan on continuing my education by getting a Master’s degree in Marine Biology. My goal is to do either research in the field of marine biology or to focus on conservation efforts in marine biology, and more specifically on sea turtles.